13 mini urban gardens to give harmony to your balcony

  • Date: May 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Mini urban gardens are a trend that is undoubtedly very pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, it allows us to take advantage of that small space in our home that, in general, is much neglected. So that you can enjoy the magic of mini urban gardens, here are some fabulous ideas to build and decorate your balcony. 

What you should do is make the most of the space. You’ll see how easy it is to turn this place into a pleasant space to hang out.

On the other hand, you will notice that you can decorate in many ways with materials that are not very difficult to find and that you can find within your own home, within disused objects.

Now, we remind you what the benefits of having mini urban gardens are.

Benefits of having mini urban gardens.

  • Plants help us breathe better, since they reduce pollution and, therefore, purify the air.
  • Plants also reduce static electricity, so the environment will no longer be as stuffy.
  • Also, plants help create a much more pleasant environment, which helps reduce stress considerably. This means that they improve our mood and also increase our quality of life.
  • They bring harmony to the space and this helps to have a greater concentration.

Elements to decorate mini urban gardens.

There are many ways to create and decorate mini urban gardens. It all depends on the taste of each person. For example, some people prefer a minimalist style, while others enjoy a bohemian style, with more elements and beads.

Regardless of your style, the important thing is to take into account what objects can help us make better use of the space and make it more pleasant.

Some of the most popular, when it comes to mini urban gardens, are the following:

1. Set up a small bench.

For modern styles, benches with wooden details have become fashionable.

  • This makes your mini urban gardens look much larger and also more organized.

2. Create a green wall.

A mini urban garden that is full of plants or flowers is always very beautiful and, above all, relaxing. This is because green helps create a very natural environment.

  • To assemble it, you just have to look for a wooden structure and add pots (or climbing plants).
  • It is recommended to distribute several grids along the wall to hold the different plantings.

3. Elements for relaxation.

You can use various accessories, both to decorate and to create ideal environments that help you spend moments of relaxation or meditation.

  • Some soft cushions, a couple of beanbags, a good sofa, blankets and flower pots are some of the elements that you can use to create a special corner.
  • We recommend that you use different textiles, shapes and tones that make your balcony a very cozy place.

4. Add rows of small lights.

The “fairy lights” are small rows of bulbs that are very fashionable to decorate mini urban gardens. Not only because they add a more romantic touch to the space, but because they provide a soft light source.

  • They are very beautiful in the late afternoon and, of course, at night.
  • You have available rows of small lights both battery and plug. Choose the option that is most comfortable for you.
  • On the other hand, you can entangle them between the plants of your green wall or you can place them in many other ways.

5. Creepers and creepers.

The creepers and creepers are plants that grow progressively on a surface and cover it completely. You can take advantage of them to fill a wall, create an arch or make them grow around a log to make a natural accessory and give a different touch to the space.

6. Hammocks.

Hammocks are elements that come in handy for mini urban gardens and that you can enjoy when you have a slightly more spacious balcony.

  • The trick is to choose a hammock that is made of materials that are comfortable, beautiful, but also weather resistant.

7. Flowers.

Flowers are natural elements that add a lot of color and vitality to mini urban gardens.

  • They can be combined in different colors and create arrangements as elaborate as we want.
  • They can be the center of the space or placed as one more accessory.

8. Pendants.

You can arrange some pots of different sizes with plants and flowers, placing them on a vertical sideboard attached to the wall.

  • These rest on a base where there are also more accessories such as lanterns and small candles.
  • The key is to place a few so as not to overload the environment.

9. Artificial grass.

You can carpet your mini urban gardens with a little artificial grass. It will help you to give a more natural touch to the space and will invite you to relax. 

10. Umbrella.

It is essential to have a shaded area in any mini urban garden.

  • You do not need a large space to couple it with a good umbrella.
  • Your balcony will look very sophisticated.

11. Awnings.

Create a platform with a rustic air that combines perfectly with your plants.

Place a tarp or awning on the railing and this way you will get the privacy you want when playing sports, reading or simply sunbathing a bit.

12. Create a romantic balcony.

Pair a table with a vase of flowers and a centerpiece that you think is perfect for the occasion, and also add a few metal candle holders.

Another option would be to adapt a sofa, with pendant lights to generate a romantic atmosphere and more according to the occasion.

13. A colorful and cheerful balcony.

Decorate your balcony by choosing few accessories, but that attract the attention of the people who visit you.

  • Put a carpet in the dream and a storage side table, it will not only look good but it will be very useful.

14. Spice up the corners of your balcony.

Create a good area where you have breakfast, lunch or dinner. If your balcony is located on one of the highest floors of your building, it will generate an excellent view where it will look much more beautiful.

Take advantage of this space and the view to read a good book.

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