4 fruit trees that you can grow in your home

  • Date: May 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of fruit trees that you can grow in your home. Betting on this option will add positivity, calm and color.

Do you want the air in your house to be clean and free of bad energy? If so, you should plant plants at home. In addition to the classic pots, there are some fruit trees that can grow in your home without problems.

It is a great alternative, since they bring joy and provide us with organic fruit, so important now that we know the large number of added products that are sold in the usual commercial circuits.

On the other hand, the care they require is an opportunity to take care of ourselves. This task will separate us from responsibilities and other concerns.

Gardening is an ideal strategy to combat stress, since it unites us with a living being with no interests involved.

If you haven’t tried this activity yet, we suggest you do so. You will notice how, little by little, your relationship with vegetables will become closer and they will become your confessors!

However, not all fruit trees are suitable for growing at home. In this sense, we want to mention which are the most appropriate. This way, you will avoid the frustration of trying something that doesn’t work.

Take note of which fruit trees you can grow in your home.

1. Brown Turkish fig.

It is true that fig trees are beautiful and exude an impressive smell, but you should select the variety indicated for the interior.

The most suitable in this case is the brown turkey, since it adapts to the climatic conditions of a house or an apartment and is self-pollinated.

Consequently, it does not need the intervention of bees to bear fruit. Thus, you can enjoy that natural sweet that is the fig. You will find few fruits so delicious and so nutritious.

On the other hand, they do not grow excessively. Actually, this aspect will depend on the size of the pot in which you have it.

  • You will only have to water it once a week.
  • It does need sunlight, so place it in the brightest place you can find and keep it away from drafts.

2. Meyer lemon tree.

Of all the fruit trees that you can grow in your home, the lemon tree is perhaps the most aromatic.

In addition, its color will give a jovial touch to the room that will make it one of the most special places in it. We have proposed the Meyer lemon for its size, framed in dwarf trees.

  • It appreciates the humidity, which makes it an ideal solution for apartments and city life.
  • However, it requires a minimum of 8 hours of sunlight, like most citrus fruits.

3. Arbequina olive tree.

They stand out for the little attention you have to dedicate to them. Although the leaf usually drips, it will be enough to put a wide element under the planter.

With this, you will get the drops to fall on it, without staining the floor. Dishes and objects marketed for this purpose are easy to clean and very inexpensive.

  • Watering cannot be abundant, nor do you have to do it with a certain frequency.
  • To know when it is time, just look at the top layer of the earth. By the time she’s dry, it’s time to feed her.
  • As for light, it is best if it is exposed to it for six hours a day and you will have your olives at home.

4. Red dwarf banana.

We propose this small variety because it is the most suitable for the interior. In addition, it provides us with edible bananas.

As with the rest of fruit trees that you can grow in your home, it is self-pollinated.

  • You will need a lot of water, although the timing of each watering should be delayed until the soil is dry.
  • They appreciate sunlight a lot, so we advise you to try that all parts of it receive the same amount. A good option is to rotate the pot once a week. In this way we will ensure that the entire tree is exposed to the same amount of light.

Do not give up the health that having trees and other plants at home offers. Doing so is a spectacular investment in your health and in the good environment of your home. Your visitors and family members will notice its influence as soon as they enter and are accompanied by the trees.

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