4 ideas to decorate the terrace with a romantic style

  • Date: May 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

How much do you know about the romantic style? It is a current that allows to beautify spaces with just a few details. We tell you about them below. Having a terrace at home is a privilege for few. However, many people run out of ideas when planning their decoration. We present here an alternative that you surely had not thought of: decorate your terrace with a romantic style that will make you fall in love.

Summer is coming and with it, the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. Nobody says you have to leave your home to do it; Refurbish your terrace and become a great host with the following tips.

What is decorating in a romantic style?

A first step in knowing how to achieve a terrace with a romantic style is to know exactly what we mean by this term. The first thing that specialists point out when talking about this style is that it transmits calm and positive vibes.

The candor and delicacy stand out in this type of decoration; pink tones stand out, a color that is soothing and harmonious par excellence.

Along with them, pastel, white and other similar colors usually appear. To combine with these tones, accessories such as flowers and soft fabrics are used, which will help in creating this atmosphere of subtlety

What rooms are the most common to use the romantic style? The bedrooms are often set like this, although it is also a design that complements the living rooms and the library in a great way.

How to get a terrace with a romantic style?

However, the above does not imply that this style cannot be innovated and transferred abroad. On the contrary, having a terrace with a romantic style will be a touch of distinction with which you will surely differentiate yourself from the rest.

Here are some ideas to achieve this setting:

1. Furniture with pallets.

The pallets provide that rustic touch to our spaces to the outdoors. You can place them on your terrace to make very elegant armchairs; we will provide the romantic style with the cushions, which will be in the pastel and pink colors characteristic of this trend.

In addition, if you decide to also mount a table with pallets, you can use centerpieces that contribute to this feeling. For example, use glass vases and white or pink tea sets to greet your visitors.

You can even add more details. Using floral or circular patterns always delicate, of course are great ideas, as well as placing ornaments or garlands on a nearby wall that match the tones already used.

2. Can’t miss the candles.

Of course, they are also an element directly linked to the romantic style. Using candles on the terrace, especially at night, will offer an enhancing effect for the rest of the decoration.

A good tip is to use homemade candle holders. To create them, you can use painted glass jars, cut-out cans to which you can add a wire or rope to hang them or even bottles. Everything is in the hands of your creativity.

3. Connect with nature.

In addition to the flowers that you place in the center of the table and the pots, also take advantage of the beds to add plants that give the green touch that every space needs. 

The great advantage of doing so is that it will also allow you to attract butterflies and  birds, great allies of the terrace with a romantic style. What’s more: you can even put up a birdhouse to invite them to come closer and be part of your renewed and warm place.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should paint and decorate it so that it is in tune with the rest.

4. Other items you can use.

While pink, white, and pastel are the signature colors for this style, don’t be shy about experimenting with others. For example, light blue colors or black and white combinations – they should be subtle – can work.

Also don’t forget about wooden furniture and chairs. Even if they are slightly faded, you can put covers or bows with soft fabric to make them look splendid again.

Finally, you can also add a fountain, hanging lamps in warm colors that add a traditional touch and all kinds of delicate ornaments or vases to match. For a dinner, never forget a good bottle of wine and a few glasses to receive the guests.

The good thing about having a terrace with a romantic style is that we can achieve great wonders with inexpensive, rustic and even recycled elements. Do not hesitate to try it, with a limited budget you can have the terrace you have always dreamed of!

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