7 vegetables you can grow at home with their waste

  • Date: May 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Although at the beginning all vegetables need to be well watered to grow, once planted it is not advisable to overdo it with water, since the roots can rot. We all know the advantages of eating fruits and vegetables every day. Also, if you are fond of horticulture, you are in luck. Today we want to show you 7 vegetables to plant at home easily. In this way, you will save time and money by not having to go to the supermarket or pay for vegetables that you could grow self-sufficiently.

Who has not dreamed of having a small garden and being able to consume their own vegetables? In this article we will show you vegetables to plant at home easily. Also, we will tell you how you have to do it to obtain your own harvest and to be able to enjoy fresh vegetables again and again.

7 vegetables to plant at home easily.

Here is a list of 7 vegetables to plant at home easily. Save time and money. Plus, gain satisfaction from growing and consuming your own food.

1. Garlic.

It is very likely that you have several garlic cloves at home and that at least one already has a small twig. Why not make it grow?

  • The key to successfully growing garlic is planting it in full sun and cutting the tall stem that sprouts from the bulb.
  • This way the plant will concentrate all its energy on the bulb from which the garlic will sprout and that’s it.
  • With this you will never lack garlic when cooking.

2. Avocado.

Avocado trees are actually very easy to grow, which is a great idea if you want to incorporate this fruit into your diet without worrying about the cost. They are also beautiful plants to keep inside or outside the house. Although they have a better chance of bearing fruit abroad.

The process is:

  • Take the seed avocado, wash and right half clávale in 1 to 2 sticks teeth, depending on the size of the seed.
  • Put it in a glass full of water. The chopsticks will make the seed hold up and only part of it touches the water.
  • When you see that hairs or roots grow after two days, change the water. Repeat the process for three weeks.
  • Once a stem with a leaf comes out, you can transfer it to a pot.

3. Chives or long onion.

This is one of the vegetables that you can grow at home with just your waste and without requiring much effort.

  • What you need to do is cut off the last inch of each onion so that you keep the bulb and roots (the underside white).
  • Put these ends in the pot, making sure to leave a portion of the stem sticking out of the soil.
  • You need to water regularly so that your onions start to grow and make sure they get enough sun.

4. Carrots.

Those carrot tops that you often throw away can actually be used to produce more carrots.  You won’t be able to physically regenerate the top carrot, but you can get another plant back.

  • First, cut about an inch off the top of a carrot.
  • Stick a toothpick into each side of the carrot wedge so that it sticks to the top of a small glass.
  • Fill the glass with water so that it only touches the bottom edge of the carrot.
  • Place this glass where it will get indirect light.
  • Keep adding water as it evaporates and soon you will have roots sprouting from the edge of the plant?
  • Finally, when the sprout is ready, plant it in a pot.

5. Ginger.

The ginger is another vegetable to plant at home easily. Pay attention to the steps you need to follow:

  • First, soak the ginger root overnight, and then cut it into small pieces.
  • There will come a time when a couple of growth shoots appear on each piece. You can differentiate them because they are small bumps at the end of each “finger.”
  • When you see this, plant the ginger with these growth shoots pointing up or to the side, as this is where the plant will grow from.
  • Once the ginger roots are planted, water regularly without getting the soil soggy.
  • Harvesting ginger is easy, as all you need to do is dig up a portion of the root and cut only what you need. So it will continue to grow.

6. Romaine lettuce.

Romaine lettuce is one of the favorites for salads and one of the vegetables that you can grow at home very easily. Take note:

  • Cut about an inch from the bottom of the lettuce stem.
  • Leave it in the water and wait for the roots to appear.
  • You should allow time for a slight growth of the leaves at the top.
  • Then plant it in your garden or pot.

Every time you want to collect the lettuce, remove the outer leaves and leave the inner leaves untouched. This will ensure that your lettuces continue to produce new leaves throughout the season.

7. Celery.

Celery is another vegetable that you can grow at home with its waste. The procedure is the next:

  • First, cut the bottom inch of a bunch of celery.
  • Place this piece in a container, cut side up.
  • Add a little water, just enough so that the bottom of the celery is submerged.
  • Place this container in a sunny spot and keep it watered until the roots form.
  • Finally, you can plant the celery in the ground and voila: you will have your garlic production ready to collect it regularly.

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