Can You Plant Pothos and Philodendron Together?

  • Date: January 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Pothos and philodendron can be planted together and often look very complementary when put in the same pot. They are from the same family, so their similarities make it easy for them to get along.

In this article, you will learn why pothos and philodendron grow well together, what varieties of each are best to plant with the other, and the advantages and disadvantages of potting these two plants together.

Why Do Philodendron and Pothos Grow Well Together?

Philodendron and pothos can grow nicely within the same pot because they require the same basic needs. Both plants need indirect light, a moderate amount of watering, and warm temperatures with high humidity to thrive given they are both native to the rainforest.

Both pothos and philodendron are not picky about soil so a regular well potting soil that has decent drainage is amenable to both plants.

What Types of Philodendron Are Best to Plant with Pothos?

Any variety of philodendron will grow well with pothos but if you want a variant that really complements its neighbor try philodendron Brasil, heartleaf philodendron, or philodendron micans. Heartleaf philodendron pairs especially well with any variety of pothos given its unique signature leaf shape.

What Types of Pothos Are Best to Plant with Philodendron?

Pothos come in a wide variety like philodendron and while any type will grow well with philodendron, here are some of the most intriguing varieties for a mixture. Neon, jade, golden, and pearl pothos are the top picks for planting with a philodendron.

What Are the Advantages to Planting Pothos and Philodendron Together?

Not only is the combination of philodendron and pothos in one pot aesthetically pleasing, but they also tend to help each other out. Older pothos plants shed their lower foliage, leaving unsightly bare stems which the philodendron can cover up with its densely packed leaves.

They also require the same easygoing care so you’re not doing double the work but still care for two different plants.

What Are the Disadvantages to Planting Pothos and Philodendron Together?

One of the disadvantages to planting pothos with philodendron is the slightly different fertilizer preferences. Philodendron thrives when fed every six to eight weeks even during the wintertime when most plant feedings slow down. Pothos does not care for wintertime fertilizing so it may be overfed if you put philodendron’s needs first.

Another disadvantage is completely a matter of taste. What may appeal to one person, looks drab to another. The green-on-green, trailing vine next to trailing vine mixture of pothos and philodendron might be too boring, and you need a pop of color or a different shape plant to spruce things up.


If you are looking for a plant pot mixture that will accent any room, is easy to care for, and provides a host of options, philodendron and pothos are what you want. These trailing vine plants pair beautifully together and have similar needs so they can thrive in the same pot without issue.

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