3 modern patio designs to share with the family

  • Date: May 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

You can’t miss these great ideas to change the image of the patio in simple steps. Today the houses that have patios have a plus that sometimes is not used to the maximum. If you manage to change it, you can live moments with family or friends and, at the same time, enjoy its decoration.

It is not the same to have lunch with the family or to read a book in an outdoor place, it is much more relaxing and pleasant, since you connect with nature, enjoy the sun’s rays and the fresh environment.

To take advantage of these places, you just have to fix and maintain the patio, with the designs that we will present. It will not only be a simple and easy task for you, but it will also bring several benefits to the property and your life. Among the advantages are the following:

  • You can enjoy it as a family. Both in the decoration process, and in the moment after it.
  • Place plants and trees helps to take care of the environment and allows you to connect with nature.
  • Add monetary value to the property.
  • Limits are extended and new environments emerge to enjoy.
  • Decorating allows you to create shady spots.
  • It keeps people physically and mentally active in the care and maintenance of these places.

Tips to create modern patios.

Modern patios are all about being simple and minimal. This means that little furniture is used – the essentials – and the decoration is not loaded. In addition, importance is given to the vegetation and the materials of floors and walls. These tips can guide the design of your own modern patio:

  • Use simple, geometric lines.
  • On the floors, use wood, ceramic and mark certain areas with stones.
  • You can cover the walls with wood, vertical gardens or ceramic structures.
  • Get plants of various sizes and put them in pretty pots.
  • The use of small water sources is fashionable. Besides being pretty, they help you relax.
  • Use stoves or broilers. It is very common in modern patios.
  • Night lighting is essential. You can use lanterns or decorative torches.

1. Design with armchairs and cushions.

This is an extremely colorful decoration where large wicker armchairs stand out with brightly colored cushions.  For this reason, we recommend that you leave the walls free so as not to overload the design. Here is an idea to make your patio look great, feel free to make the changes you want:

  • You can use a light shade for your  wooden floor.
  • Add large blue pots.
  • Put yellow flowers in those pots.
  • Yellow and blue cushions can go very well with flower pots and flowers.
  • In the back put pallets painted white with small accessories.
  • Finally, add a table of the same material and color as the armchairs in the center of the patio.

2. Tiled patio with lots of flower pots.

This design is ideal for small patios with little green around. The focus is on a fireplace in the middle and multiple pots of various sizes with green plants. The floor, which is made of tile, is also obvious. Follow these recommendations and go ahead and try a design like this at home!

  • First, set up individual chairs.
  • In addition, in the center you can put a small wooden table.
  • You can give a more pleasant and natural touch to the walls – which are made of material – by placing vertical gardens and vines.
  • Finally, incorporate wood and material pots throughout the patio. Try to use green plants and some flowers.

3. Lighted patios.

The most notable and outstanding thing about this patio is that it is a place without walls. However, this decoration can be perfectly carried out indoors or with concrete walls. These are some ideas to make your outdoor patio look modern and stylish.

  • Place chairs made of wicker or a material that can be exposed to different weather conditions.
  • Keep the lawn neat and dense. It will give freshness to your patio.
  • Let the main thing be light. Use different elements that serve to illuminate this space and to give it a more glamorous touch.
  • Place small pots with very small plants and flowers.
  • Between these pots, you can add candles that give a romantic and relaxed setting.
  • It will look beautiful if you add lamps throughout the available space.
  • With branches or flowers, you can make a simple decoration in a corner.

In conclusion, you can choose the way to decorate the patio that you like the most. You will enjoy unique moments with your family. Change the image of yours and show us the result!

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