What should you keep in mind before pruning your garden?

  • Date: May 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Pruning a garden is not an easy task. However, with these tips that we give you, you will be able to prune your garden in complete safety. It will be the envy of your neighborhood!

If you are entering the wonderful world of gardening, surely new questions will arise every week. We will solve the “problem” of how and when to prune your garden.

We want your garden to thrive and all the work you do in it will be rewarded in the not too distant future. Plants require special care, and this will depend on the type of shrub, plant or tree.

To begin with, it must be borne in mind that there is regular pruning for all plants that provides multiple benefits. This practice helps them grow stronger and healthier. If you want your plants to be strong and healthy, take note of these tips that we give you below so that you can keep them for many years.

Before pruning your garden, keep in mind.

First, trees and shrubs have a different growth and development than other types of plants, such as rose bushes or ferns, for example.

On the other hand, when it comes to pruning the plants, the first time you do it, you will surely have many doubts and you don’t know how to do it. However, in time you will become a true expert.

If you notice wilted flowers and leaves on your plants or shrubs, they may indicate that you were late for your first pruning. For this reason, we must anticipate that moment so that they grow stronger and faster.

You can also encourage yourself to do fun pruning. If you have dense bushes you can get artificial shapes. Start by making rectangles or circles. Let your imagination fly and give it the shape that you like the most or best match your garden.

But, above all, be careful with doing very drastic pruning, as you could spoil your plant.

Tips that you should assess before pruning your garden.

  • If you are preparing for the first time to prune your garden, you have to do it with caution. Thus, do not rush to cut and remove too many branches.
  • You need to use professional gardening tools: For example, pruning shears and gloves to avoid any accidents.
  • It should not be pruned in the flowering stage of the plant ,that is, when it has the buds in flower.
  • You should know that the minimum, or common, pruning is one that is responsible for removing dry branches and dead leaves. In addition, you must effectively clean the soil so that the nutrients from the earth reach it directly.
  • Don’t be afraid to help yourself with wooden sticks, ropes or any other accessory to make your plants grow better. You can prevent them from growing crooked or leaning to the sides in this way.

Types of pruning.

Not all pruning is the same. Take note of the differences between them:

  • Topping pruning. The trim will be 5-10 cm and will help the side branches to grow stronger and have more density.
  • Training pruning. It is done to small trees or shrubs and it is the technique that is used to give them a specific geometric shape.
  • It is responsible for removing all those dry branches and dead leaves.
  • All old plants, dry leaves, stems or branches must be cut and removed. This way, the new shoots will have enough space to grow efficiently.
  • Fruiting pruning. We refer to the pruning that is carried out on fruit trees. Remove the ripe and ready-to-eat fruits. You have to be careful with the flowers, as they will be in charge of developing the next harvest.
  • Trimming pruning. It is the pruning that is used the most. It is the one that is responsible for eliminating the new plants that grow at the foot of our bushes, trees or fruit trees. Rain and irrigation make the grass generate and grow at ease. For this reason, it must be eliminated, so that it does not disturb our plants.


Before pruning your garden, make sure you have everything you need to perform this function. If you like gardening, you will have a great day among flowers and bushes.

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