Amazing Pools With Object Shapes

  • Date: May 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Here we present a selection of the most incredible pools with object shapes. Many will leave you amazed by their originality! Pools in the shape of objects are a trend that has gained more and more strength since the 1990s and, especially, since the first decade of 2010. 

It consists of a type of construction that takes a particular object as a reference. In general, the design responds to a specific theme. For example, a pool shaped like a bone may be intended for canine use.

The extent of object-shaped pools can vary significantly. While some fit easily into small spaces, others require ample terrain to exploit their design. Consequently, these types of pools do not necessarily have to have specific measures, nor do they have to be Olympic.

Today’s pools are as amazing as the invention of floating water. So, if you thought you had already seen it all, prepare to continue to amaze you. Creativity has no limits!

Why are there pools in the shape of objects?

It is also necessary to remember that pools with object shapes arise in response to a need in modern life. With the different advancements, many things have become specialized. For example, 50 years ago there were no pools exclusively designed to recreate, exercise and therapy pets, while now there are rehabilitation centers that include them.

Surely you thought that pools were spaces to bathe, swim, play and socialize in times of high temperatures. Now they have more purposes. Some of the ones that we will show you below will be of type:

  • Therapeutic (these may or may not include a hydromassage system).

Some of the amazing object-shaped pools.

1. Shaped like a human foot.

This type of pool is very striking. The shape of the human foot is made up of semi-circular figures and has several levels of depth. For example, the little finger will be the pool with the shallowest depth, making it ideal for younger children.

Thanks to the proximity that the design offers, people can interact even though they are in separate spaces. Therefore, they are very useful for monitoring children who have not yet learned to swim well.

2. Shaped like a musical instrument.

There are also pools with object shapes that are exclusively decorative. In general, they are installed in large spaces and have the design of an object. In this case, a musical instrument was chosen: the violin. It also includes different types of lighting and green areas to achieve a much more striking effect.

3. Zen style.

Just as there are water fountains and other decorative elements inspired by the Zen style, there are pools with Buddha head shapes, mandalas, and so on. In this type of designs they are usually complemented with plants, stones and rocks. The general perception they must give is one of order, symmetry, definition and care. In other words: harmony in its purest form.

4. Invisibles.

There are pools shaped like objects that have invisible edges, therefore, they provide a certain air of infinity, spaciousness and continuity. The optical illusion is its main charm, since the edge comes from the environment itself. These types of pools are ideal for terraces, rooftops and elevated places in the middle of the city.

5. Irregular with bridges.

Other types of pools with various irregular shapes (more abstract, not necessarily objects) include bridges. In this way, you can choose between walking around the pool area, without entering it, or accessing it through the bridge.

Thus, these types of pools are very frequent in residential beach complexes in Latin America. Usually the bridge creates a division between two zones of a large pool. A relaxation area and another for recreation.

Since they are irregular, some have figures on the ground in the background, to make them more striking. And, usually, the figures have marine motifs: dolphins, seashells, fish, anchors, and so on.

6. In the shape of an object, plus a floating island.

There are pools with object shapes that, in view of their size, offer a wide margin for the incorporation of other elements. In this case, a floating island or kiosk was added. This space is generally available for having a snack and meeting.

7. With a specific theme and purpose.

Pools with object shapes usually have a specific theme and purpose. For example, there are bone-shaped pools specially designed for canine petsAlthough they can be used for therapeutic purposes, they are generally intended for the exercise of dogs.

8. Zoomorphic.

Zoomorphic pools are becoming increasingly popular in view of how fun they are to design. They also allow tiles of different colors to be placed in the background, to attract attention and create a simply great visual effect. Usually, marine animals are used, but there can also be pools with fantastic animals, such as Chinese dragons.

9. Outstanding and on the air.

There are also pools that protrude from the buildings and have a certain part “in the air”. It is one of the most risky bets on the part of architects and designers, which is why it can be found especially in luxury buildings and hotels.

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