Plants that you can use as a natural repellent for fleas and ticks

  • Date: May 27, 2022
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Some plants can serve as a natural repellent against insects such as fleas and ticks. Do you have this problem at home? Discover the options and try to have them in your garden. For some time now, many people have chosen to use a natural repellent when fighting fleas and ticks. Although the options they sell in the market are made, for the most part, of mild formulas and approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are those who prefer to use natural ingredients.

According to information published in Drugs, repellants are products that contain ingredients that make the person or pet unattractive to insects (in this case fleas and ticks). They act only in the area of ​​the skin where they are applied and close to the treated surface. 

Flea and tick problems.

Fleas are small insects that jump great distances and feed on blood that they ingest with their bite. They can produce dermatological lesions that lead to hard scratching and, with this, to injury.

On the other hand, in the case of pets, these small critters can produce anemia and infections by parasites. Therefore, once they are detected, measures must be taken to try to eliminate them. 

Meanwhile, ticks are mites that parasitize warm-blooded animals such as dogs, rabbits, and sheep and, in the same way, people. They feed by sucking blood without causing burning or itching.

In children they can be harbored on the scalp. They are quite dangerous because, they can cause Lyme disease and other chronic problems. 

Plants as a natural repellent.

It must be clear that plants are not as powerful a repellent as commercial ones. However, they can be useful in many cases. Do you know the options? In the following space we detail them.


Mint is an aromatic plant with a characteristic refreshing aroma. In addition, it is one of the most chosen to eliminate fleas and ticks, since they are safe for your pets.


A great idea is to plant garlic in the garden to prevent ticks from proliferating. You can also crush some cloves and spread them around the edges of other plant beds. It is a good natural repellent for other pests and of course, for ticks. Be careful if you have cats, as for some it can be harmful.


It is a plant that grows naturally throughout the Mediterranean region. If you take good care of it, you can have it perfectly in another climate. In addition to being a very effective natural repellent, it has two properties: one is that it has a light blue flower that fits very well as a decoration. On the other hand, it is a delicious seasoning that you can use in many dishes.


This is a plant with beautiful and colorful flowers that beautify gardens. In addition, they prevent fleas and ticks from entering your home. The flower is also used to keep lice and cockroaches away. Place the flowers around the edges of the garden or around other plants.

Lavender, the most chosen among plants as a repellent.

It belongs to the mint family; it is beautiful, it has very colorful flowers and an exquisite aroma. This plant is extremely safe for pets. In addition to preventing the entry of fleas and ticks, it also repels moths and mosquitoes.


The very peppermint-like catnip that most cats love. This plant secretes an intense minty smell that traps cats while protecting them from fleas. Its leaves are widely used in making toys to entertain cats.


It is also known by the name of lemongrass. It has many properties, among which are antiseptic, digestive and natural repellent against fleas. It is also used in gastronomy due to the intensity of its aroma and flavor.


Its full name is Margarita Fleabane Daisy, it is a beautiful white flower with white leaves and yellow center. It is widely used in gardening for the beauty of its flowers.

In addition, it is a very good repellent against fleas, mosquitoes and flies that is not dangerous for your pets. A good idea is to rub the leaves of this flower on the animal’s hair.

Purple sage.

In many places it grows wild but can also be planted in patios and gardens. The sage is a natural repellent against fleas that smells good. It is extremely safe for pets and  its aroma triples after the rain. Plant it in your garden and enjoy its benefits.

Veterinarian help is important.

We can use these natural plants as allies to ward off fleas and ticks. However, if we are unable to remove them, we will have to seek professional help. Remember that these insects can harm our health and that of our pets, therefore, it is essential to find effective methods to eliminate them.

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