Balinese beds ideal for decorating outdoor spaces

  • Date: May 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Balinese beds are a very elegant and functional decorative element for your outdoor spaces. This time we share everything you need to know about them. Balinese beds are a very functional decorative element for outdoor spaces. These are the latest furniture trend, in the decoration of spacious and natural spaces. The outdoor concept beds seek to create spaces of relaxation, comfort and luxury outside. In other words, they are not only a very striking decorative piece, but they are also spaces to rest from the daily routine.

This concept has become so global that today it is used in the best beach and spa hotels. Beds have become an element of luxury, highly sought after by tourists from all over the world. Therefore, acquiring one of them can be your best investment and do not worry if you have a small budget. In the market there are many sizes and prices, so you can find the one that best suits you.

If you have an open space, Balinese beds may be the decoration option you were looking for. If you want to know what they are, their benefits and care, keep reading.

What are Balinese beds?

Balinese beds are a decorative element for outdoors that consists of a platform plus a mattress. This platform can be made of wood or metal. The important thing is that it has good resistance to support the structure. This rises in 4 columns and although it can be very close to the floor, they usually have a height of up to 2 meters. The bed offers a spectacular view to the outside. Because they are used outdoors, Balinese beds are equipped with curtains on their sides. Likewise, the roof can be made of wood or fabric. The goal is that people have privacy and can be covered from the sun or the rain.

The mattress of the beds can be of different size, so can the structure. They can be found in single or double size. It depends on the available space and the desired function of the bed.

How are Balinese beds used in outdoor spaces?

Outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces, beach houses and hotels are ideal spaces for Balinese beds. In these spaces beds are built as an element of rest and relaxation. People can use them to rest for a while or even stay overnight. This is because the beds are very comfortable and spacious, almost mimicking a bedroom bed in a normal house.

The Balinese beds are equipped with a thick mattress and their decoration includes a wide variety of cushions of all sizes. It could be said that its main function is to be a space for relaxation in open and warm environments. For example, in seasons like summer it is very common to place the bed next to a pool, as it will look sensational.

What are the benefits of having one of these in the garden?

These Balinese beds will provide you with many benefits if you decide to have them outside your home. Here are some of the benefits for your home and pace of life:

  • They decorate the exterior with great elegance, since they are a unique and striking element.
  • You can find different models that adapt to the style and color of your house.
  • They are a space of tranquility where you can enjoy nature, while reading a book or magazine.
  • In summer, they are an ideal place to lie down and tan your skin.
  • They are ideal for taking a nap and sleeping for a while.
  • It can be a perfect place to have a conversation or share with friends, due to how spacious they are.
  • It has a view that allows you to enjoy the sunsets outdoors.

What care should be taken with Balinese beds?

These natural fibers will help you keep your Balinese bed in good condition. In addition, they will give you a lot of softness and freshness.

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