How Much Sun Does Parsley Need?

  • Date: January 15, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Parsley grows optimally with at least six hours of full sunlight. Planting parsley in partial shade is recommended in hotter climates as long as the plant receives direct sunlight for part of the day.

In this article, you will learn how much sun indoor parsley needs, what happens if parsley receives too much or too little sunlight, and whether you can grow parsley in the shade.

How Much Sun Does Indoor Parsley Need?

Similar to its outdoor garden counterpart, potted parsley kept indoors should receive at six if not up to eight hours of full sunlight per day. The best place to keep an indoor parsley plant is in a window that faces south to ensure it receives the optimal amount of sunlight.

In the event that your window placement does not allow for the minimum necessary lighting, fluorescent lighting can serve as an acceptable supplement for growth. Standard fluorescent lighting positioned two to four inches above the plant is sufficient.

For a more exceptional growth of your parsley plant, compact or high output fluorescent lights placed at least a foot above or high intensity discharge lights positioned at least two to four feet above your parsley plants will do the trick.

Can Parsley Get Too Much Sun?

Parsley can suffer from dehydration if they receive too much sunlight especially during the hot summer months. Drooping, limp stems are a sign that your parsley may be getting too much sunlight. Parsley plants are very thin but contain a lot of moisture which can evaporate quickly if exposed to intense direct sunlight for long periods of time.

What Happens If Parsley Gets Too Little Sun?

Your parsley may be suffering from lack of sufficient sunlight if the growth becomes spindly, the leaves start to wilt, or the plant ceases to grow altogether. In most climates, parsley will die off during the winter in outdoor gardens.

If grown indoors, parsley can be especially vulnerable to lack of sunlight during winter due to the restricted hours of daylight. In order to compensate for this, supplemental fluorescent lighting is recommended for your potted parsley.

Can Parsley Grow in Shade?

Parsley can grow well in partially shaded areas as long as there is exposure to full sunlight for at least six to eight hours during the day. It may be beneficial for parsley to be planted in partial shade in hotter climates to avoid over exposure to the sun and provide protection from dehydration.

Overwintering parsley plants in outdoor gardens should not be planted in shaded areas because the sunlight is already restricted due to the time of year. Planting parsley in full direct sunlight during winter months is recommended.


Parsley is an herb that requires at least six hours of full bright sunlight whether grown in outdoor garden or indoors as a potted plant. Fluorescent lighting can be supplemented when the minimum full sunlight is unavailable. Parsley can suffer from too much or too little sunlight, so find the right balance is essential.

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