How to germinate lemon seeds to enjoy a nice tree in your garden

  • Date: May 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Although once the seed is planted it is important to keep the soil moist, it is not advisable to overdo it with watering, since we run the risk of it rotting

We can all germinate your plant from lemon seeds if we have enough space in the garden. One of its great advantages is that it is very easy to grow.

Lemon trees flourish outdoors, especially if they are in regions with a warm climate. On the other hand, caring for the plant is quite simple.

The easiest way to get your tree is by rooting a branch from a tree that is already vital;  however, as these are more difficult to obtain, today we want to share the steps to achieve it with the seed.
The experience is quite rewarding and beautiful but it must be taken into account that the fruits may take between 3 and 6 years to appear. Are you ready?

Materials to germinate lemon seeds.

Lemon seeds can be grown in a pot and later moved to garden soil. This process can be quite long, but it pays to be patient.

A lemon.

To be successful in the germination of the lemon plant, it is essential that you purchase a 100% organic and pesticide-free lemon on the market. Those that are not organic are usually sterile.

If you have limited space, we advise you to choose the lemon known as Meyer. This species is smaller and is often used for ornamental purposes.


If you don’t want to plant the seed directly in the garden, get a pot with small holes for drainage.

Lemon trees prefer wider spaces than they are deep, so try to choose one that is quite wide.


Try to get organic soil and don’t forget to use a natural fertilizer.


Lemon trees need a lot of sunlight, especially when they are just sprouting. If you decide to plant it in a pot, put it in a place where it receives a good amount of daily sun.

Steps to germinate lemon seeds at home.

Step 1.

Put the soil in a bucket and moisten it with water until it is very wet.

Step 2.

Moisten the pot and add the soil. Try to leave a few inches before reaching the surface.

Step 3.

Cut the lemon in half, extract one of its seeds and suck it with your mouth until its flavor has diminished.

Make sure to leave the seed very moist to germinate.

Step 4.

Make a small hole of 1.2 cm in the soil, put the lemon seed and cover it with enough soil.

Step 5.

Pour water into a spray bottle and give the newly planted seed a little water.

Step 6.

Cover the pot with a breathable plastic to keep it moist and warm from the soil. You can use plastic wrap or a transparent bag with small holes.

Step 7.

Place the pot in a warm place where it receives maximum sunlight.

Step 8.

Check that the soil stays moist all the time. However, try to avoid excess heat or water, as it can cause the seed to spoil.

Step 9.

After two or three weeks you will begin to see the lemon tree sprout. At this point, you will have to remove the plastic so it breathes better.

Step 10.

Take care of the plant every day by adding a good amount of organic compost to nourish it. When it’s a good size, move it into the garden and continue to monitor its growth.

As sometimes the first seed you choose does not germinate, we recommend that you follow this same process to plant several.   This way you will have a better chance of getting the precious plant.

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