Ideas to design gardens with flowers

  • Date: May 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

If you have a free place and you want to fill it with life, color and peace, do not hesitate to follow these great design ideas to transform your garden into a unique place to enjoy and relax.

Flower gardens are a fantastic decorative element since the variety of their colors and shapes provide an incredible visual aesthetic.

Beyond their beauty, flowers have a unique scent that transports you to a place of pleasure and joy. From the smell you can achieve a feeling of peace and tranquility.

After a long day at work, who doesn’t want to have such a place at home?

You will enjoy decorating your garden with flowers because you will keep your mind occupied in a pleasant task, which is extremely important to disconnect from daily responsibilities.

In addition to this great benefit, you will remain physically active by caring for and maintaining the plants.

We will give you some great flower garden ideas that you will love. With them you can take some tips and have a charming corner like the ones we will show.

Flower garden designs.

If you want to have a place full of flowers, you don’t need a huge patio or garden. You just have to look for a space with natural light and get to work!

Delimit spaces with stones.

Whether the terrace or patio is made of grass, wood or material, it is a good idea to define the area where the flowers are to be placed with stones.

The visual image changes completely since the two spaces are divided. They can be large or small stones.

Use forklifts.

It can be a wooden or metal wheelbarrow, both are perfect when placed in the center of a garden with colorful flowers.

These elements can be found in different sizes; the largest ones are the best as they allow you to vary the type of flowers and give more vibrancy and color to your space.

Wooden barrels.

A wooden barrel creates a great color contrast with the flowers. In it you can make a small garden, since generally its dimensions allow it.

We recommend combining flowers of various colors with stones and small ornaments that recreate a dream decoration. Use small water fountains, bridges, stone paths, and whatever your imagination dictates.

Use stairs to decorate with flowers.

This idea is extremely original. If you find an old wooden ladder, you can place it leaning against a wall and on each step put pots with flowers of different sizes and colors.

Another way to decorate it is by entangling different branches in some nails. It is extremely simple and aesthetically beautiful.

Use a log as a pot.

If you can find a large, hollow tree trunk, feel free to place it in the center or corner of the garden.

With the help of a handsaw, shape and enlarge the hole, place soil and fill it with colorful flowers. Wood will surely resist moisture perfectly. The contrast of the flowers with the green of the plants will create a fantastic atmosphere.

If you want to give it a more shiny touch and last longer, you must give it a coat of varnish before laying the earth. The glow that the bark will take on will create a greater contrast with the flowers and vegetation that will draw visual attention to it.

Vertical flower gardens.

It involves using one or more gallery walls to fill your gardens with flowers. You can also use flowering vines that completely cover a certain area.

Another tip is to place different types of pots at different levels throughout the wall and with different types of flowers. Although they are also beautiful when colors are unified and everything is the same tone and color.

These are the types of pots you could use in a vertical garden:

  • Glass jars with a rustic twine around the neck, tied to a nail in the wall.
  • Recycled greengrocery wooden crates. They can be painted or not, that goes to everyone’s taste. Inside each drawer, placed as a shelf, you can put pots of different sizes.
  • Directly place rectangular wooden pots at different levels.
  • Plastic bottles can also be recycled as flower pots and pinned at different heights along the wall.

With simple ideas you can transform a place and completely change it with flowers.

You will feel much better doing it and then enjoying every moment in beautiful flower gardens made with your own hands.

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