How to grow blueberries at home in an easy way

  • Date: May 27, 2022
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Not only are they a perfect complement to your cakes: blueberries are also very beneficial fruits for health. We tell you how to grow them at home.

The bluish color of blueberries is almost as distinctive and attractive as their unmistakable flavor. This delicious fruit grows from a medium-sized bush. If you are eager to have your own plant, we show you how to grow blueberries at home.

The cranberry is a berry that grows from a homonymous shrub, belonging to the Ericaceae family. It is one of the most recognized fruits for its taste, which makes it a coveted ingredient in many recipes. However, it also has several health benefits.

Properties of blueberries.

Blueberries are very nutritious fruits. Above all, they stand out for their content of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron and calcium.

Also, these berries are especially characteristic for their amount of natural pigments with antioxidant actions. A study published that examined these properties in blueberry extracts highlighted the role of anthocyanins and the phenols they contain.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, blueberries carry the following health benefits:

  • Potassium benefits the functioning of the muscular and nervous system, as detailed in a publication in the Merck Manual.
  • Fiber favors the regulation of the intestinal flora, according to a study published in Cell Host & Microbe.
  • Its vitamin content strengthens the immune system. Hence, diseases are prevented.
  • Its antiseptic action is important to fight infections caused by germs. Such property is proven in a study by the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Diseases.

How to grow blueberries at home.

After such an introduction, there is no doubt that growing blueberries at home is a convenient activity. Now, what steps and considerations should we have in mind to do so? Here are some guidelines for success in this endeavor.

1. The flowerpot.

The type and size of pot will depend on where you start the growing process from. If you start with seeds, you can use a small container; On the other hand, if you already start with a seedling, a small pot is better.

Of course, as it grows, your shrub will need larger pots or, directly, a transplant to the ground. The maximum size that you may need, from the third or fourth year, is a 60 to 70 liter pot.

2. The soil.

Blueberry plants prefer acidic soils, preferably with a pH close to 4.5 .A loose soil with a level of organic matter between 3% and 5%is required.

To achieve this, you can use additives such as compost, sulfur or peat. Cottonseed meal and pine leaf compost will also help.

3. Steps to plant blueberries.

  • First, put a thick napkin in a small container and add a little water; then, pour some seeds into it.
  • Take with your finger a seed –careful, they are very small – and insert it into the ground. Then cover it.
  • Water the plant daily and try to maintain a good humidity level at all times.
  • You must locate the pot in an area with good lighting and protected from the wind.
  • Both in the pots and on the ground, the soil must be removed and loose for good oxygenation and proper drainage of the plant.
  • After planting them, you can make a mulch out of oak or pine branches or leaves. This will help prevent weeds, conserve moisture, and add acidity to the soil.

4. Special care.

Try not to put too many seeds in the same pot, since the blueberry plant needs some space to grow properly. Also, the soil should be fairly moist at planting time. When the plant has grown, you will have to transplant to a larger pot or directly to the ground. In doing so, the roots have to be fully moistened to prevent them from suffering during this process.

Therefore, we recommend that you transfer them to a bucket of water for about 10 minutes before planting them again. Once the replanting is finished, wet the soil where you have placed it.

Finally, remember that to grow blueberries at home, the cold seasons are much more beneficial. It is a plant that adapts very well to cold, even at extreme temperatures; however, they suffer greatly from the heat. Do not skimp on care at this time and do not leave them in direct exposure to the sun.

Try growing blueberries at home!

As you may have noticed, it is not a plant that requires great precautions or demands for its optimal growth. If we also consider its various uses and the health benefits it brings, we can conclude that growing blueberries at home can be a great idea, as well as an excellent hobby.

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