Mini garden, 6 great ideas to have it

  • Date: May 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

When creating our own mini-garden it is very important to take into account the space we have and the plants that best go with this type of composition. A mini-garden is a small space that can be used to place plants and thus obtain all the benefits that nature offers us.

In a world that is increasingly made of cement and with a life full of occupations and demands, a simple way arises to reconnect with green, with what is essential.

Advantages of mini gardens.

Mini gardens have many advantages that we can take into account if we have not yet decided to have one at home:

  • They can be formed in tight spaces. It is not necessary to have a huge park to have them.
  • You can do them yourself.
  • They connect you with nature and favor the flow of positive energy.
  • They will help you reduce your stress level, as they calm you.
  • You will clear your mind, because you will be focused on something else and thus you will be able to stay at peace.
  • You can give it your personal touch and they are a perfect decoration for the interior of your house.
  • You can have aromatic plants and thus improve the environment of your home.
  • You have the possibility of having a small garden and growing your own food.
  • Maintenance is very simple.
  • You do not need to make a large investment of money.

Materials and steps to make your own mini garden.

  • If you have decided to have your own mini garden at home, take into account the materials you will need to start forming it: Container pot or container. It should be deep, so that it contains the roots, and with holes underneath so that the water can drain.
  • Earth, reindeer, rhinestones small, cvegetable Arbón.
  • Decorative elements. The ones you prefer can be bridges, small figures. You can create them with wood, small stones or ceramic.

They look very nice when you add lighting or small artificial lakes. Among the vegetable elements that you can choose, we recommend:

  • Mosses It is an ideal plant for a mini-garden, since its structure and the crowded way in which it grows stores moisture and this helps the plants stay green for longer.
  • Plants. You must choose very well the type of plant you want to place, preferably small ones, that will grow slowly and do not need a lot of sun, if you want to place them inside your home.

Before starting the project you should think about this point. Here we tell you how you should proceed to make a beautiful mini garden:

  • First, fill the bottom of the pot one-third with sand or moss.
  • Then add the soil and place the plants carefully. Try to leave enough space between them.
  • Then cover with soil, water and decorate to your liking.

6 great ideas to have mini gardens.

1. Mini garden in recycled cans.

You can use cans of preserves or any product and paint them to your liking. Don’t forget to drill holes in the bottom.

If you want, you can place them on a wall in a row. Finally you can decorate them and leave them in a visible place

2. In cups.

Believe it or not, you can make a beautiful mini garden in a mug.

  • Remember to make holes in the base to drain the water.
  • You should use small pebbles and plants like cacti that do not need as much moisture.

3. You can use buckets.

If they are large, buckets and buckets allow you to place various plants and decorations.

If you have several buckets with plants you can create beautiful compositions in corners of your home and, in addition, you can add lighting.

4. Bottle corks.

Natural cork is a perfect material for plants, as it retains moisture.

  • Take a cork and, with the help of a knife or a pocketknife, make a hole, so that there is a hole that can accommodate a plant.
  • Add soil, put in a small plant, refill with soil and decorate.
  • Repeat the process with several corks. Then tie them together with string and hang them on a wall. You can also stick them separately to a surface.

5. Plastic bottles.

  • First, wash the bottle well and lay it down.
  • With a utility knife, make a horizontal cut, so that there is room for your mini garden and for the plastic to contain the soil.
  • Drill holes in the base and add dirt, sand, small rocks or moss.
  • Choose the plants of your liking for your recycled mini-garden: remember that if they are small it is better.
  • To finish, decorate to your liking.

6. Wooden boxes.

If you want a slightly larger mini-garden you can take advantage of the wooden boxes that are discarded in the greengrocers. Remember to place something on the sides so that the dirt does not come out.

  • The size allows you to create a beautiful mini garden, as you have more space. Your imagination can fly and create amazing things.
  • You can add a plastic mold painted blue with water and thus have an artificial lake.
  • The paths with small stones are beautiful.
  • It is ideal for planting some herbs or vegetables that you can later consume.

It is amazing to contemplate a mini garden. In addition, doing it yourself will help you connect with nature and discover an exciting hobby while decorating your home.

Get to work now! And tell us how it went.

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