What are the special care you should give to the garden plants?

  • Date: May 27, 2022
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Having a garden requires time and knowledge. For this reason, we tell you what special care you must have so that your plants look radiant. Gardening requires techniques, time and the materials necessary to do a good job. Plants need special care. They are living beings and must be respected as such.

Just as our pets are in our care and require our attention, having a garden full of shrubs, plants, trees or rose bushes, requires dedication to keep them beautiful, strong and healthy.

So that the time you dedicate to your garden is well spent, we advise you to focus on these aspects, so your garden will remain beautiful and healthy at the same time. We tell you what those special care that your plants need are.

Basic attentions to maintain a garden.

Before commenting on the special and more specific cares for your plants to develop properly, we remind you what aspects you should take into account in the first place. If these first steps are not covered, we will not achieve that our plants develop correctly.


It could be said that it is the staple food for vegetation to grow and reproduce. Irrigation must be regular and without overdoing it. Watering not only makes them grow, it also keeps them from getting sick and insects attack them.

We advise watering in the early mornings or in the afternoons; avoid doing so when the sun’s rays hit the plants directly. The best time to water our plants, especially if they are indoors, is when the top layer of the earth is slightly dry.


Plants not only need water, it is highly recommended to add substrates and fertilizers to the soil or irrigation so that they grow in good condition. This will ensure the longevity of our garden.

A diet rich in nutrients and other elements will ensure that they do not lack for anything, we must bear in mind that grass, weeds, flowers and trees are nourished by the earth. For this reason, fertilizers must be added so that all these elements receive sufficient quantity for their development.

The general recommendation is to “feed” our plants in the spring and summer months. Likewise, we will avoid fertilizing them during autumn and winter, that is, the period of rest.


It is true that many plants do not need direct contact with the sun, but they do need light. Plants should receive their daily dose of light. Ideally, you should place your plants in such a way that your solar lighting requirements are met. To do this, documentate well about the type of plants you have.

When we talk about indoor plants, it is advisable that they be near a window where they receive as much indirect light as possible, or that they at least “see the sky”.

Attention to pests.

Insect pests can act at any time without our realizing it, therefore, it is convenient to regularly check the plants so that they do not die from an infestation. If you detect a pest, go to your trusted nursery, there they will tell you what the best treatment to stop it is.

Special care for your plants.

Next, we specify, what are the special cares that you must have in mind so that your plants grow without complications.

  • Keep in mind that clay soils are more difficult to work with. They are heavier so they will need more watering before planting. However, they retain water for longer. So it is recommended to space the risks.
  • Use herbicides to control weeds.
  • If you see yellow leaves it may be due to a lack of iron in the earth. Add chestnut or heather soil to acidify it and help iron emerge.
  • If you see a lot of ants near your pots, rub lemon around the edge so they don’t come back.
  • The worms help to aerate the soil, but if you have a pest in your lawn, spray with a mild insecticide and then water with normal water. It is not advisable to leave the insecticide on the top layer.

Enjoy your garden.

Each garden is unique because of the landscape, the climate and the different types of plants found there. This makes each one have specific care. Depending on how yours is, you will have to deal with pests or low growth of your plants.

Gardening offers us many virtues, it is not only about decorating or having a more or less beautiful garden. Scholars affirm that contact with nature is very beneficial for the body.

If you like plants, look for your new hobby in gardening, enjoy sharing it with friends or family. In addition, you can decorate your garden with recycled objects or learn everything you need to have the plants indoors.

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