6 ways to decorate the entrance of your house that will be the envy of your neighbors

  • Date: May 27, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

There are many resources and a large number of variants to achieve the entrance that we always wanted for our house. Next, we show you some of them so that everyone stops to admire your home every time they pass or visit you.

Having a house that makes us feel comfortable inside is essential. It is our space in the world, so everything must be as we prefer it. However, the exterior should not be neglected; it is the visible face of your abode. These are some useful and beautiful tips to decorate the entrance of your house.

Preliminary ideas.

They say that first impressions are worth a lot. In fact, there is no second chance to make a good first impression. You could apply these sayings to your home. Just as you like to look good when in public, your home should also be presentable in the eyes of others.

It is not about being vain or believing yourself better than the rest. Complement is something that will contribute to the acceptance of the place we have built. If you are looking for ideas to decorate the entrance of your house, surely the ones that we will describe below will help you. Take a pencil and paper and write down the following tips.

Tips for decorating the entrance of your house.

1. Colorful flowers.

If you like nature and, particularly, the color of the flowers, do not hesitate to place beds or directly paths of colored flowers. They look great on the side of the sidewalk that leads to your door. Also, against the wall and especially under the windows.

2. Lawn and other plants.

Never underestimate the beautifying power of a well-groomed, green lawn. That is why so many people become obsessed with its care and get extremely angry when it is stepped on. It is simply fantastic.

Likewise, the placement of palm trees, shrubs and other plants contributes a lot to achieve a naturist effect. If you have a wall to one side of the hallway, you can place vines and potted plants and small flowers on them.

3. A source.

It will surely seem like an ostentatious and exaggerated alternative if you think about the large fountains in squares and museums. But no; although these come in small size and can perfectly decorate the entrance of your house, we refer to others.

Today, you can get minimalist font designs that only need one wall to function. With a couple of stones or plants around it, it will be a perfect detail to decorate the entrance of your house.

4. Classic porch with tiles.

If you have a spacious house, with a large garden and lots of vegetation, you can perfectly adopt a rustic design to decorate the entrance. In these cases, a simple gallery, with tiles that match the color of the walls and lanterns on the walls will have a beautiful effect.

5. Stones

The different colors of stones that you can find are useful for all types of entrances, so you can combine them with the green of the lawn, with the wooden steps or with the flagstone walls. In addition, they serve to create paths or to surround the tiles of these. The best thing about them is that they offer a visual break if you have already placed other decorative elements.

6. Lights.

Of course, it is an aspect that we could in no way ignore. Particularly because the lighting will enhance the entire decoration. There are many options that you can use to decorate the entrance of your house. Here we list some of them:

  • LED lights embedded in walls and porches.
  • Lanterns on the sides of the door, on the porch and in the mud.
  • Classic pendant lights.
  • Luminaires for the floor: They can be of the standing ones or those that are embedded in the ground. The latter combine excellent with shrubs and stones.
  • Colored lights: Don’t be shy about using yellow, green, blue or red lights, depending on the color of your walls. There are very innovative designs that can cause pleasant surprises to you and your visitors.

7. Wood.

Wood has a charming effect when it comes to decoration. Of course, being outdoors, it will need to be conditioned to withstand inclement weather, but it is an alternative that will not disappoint you. You can include it in the floor, the steps, the openings, the pots  and, why not, to cover walls and murals. Obviously, you cannot forget the typical wooden fences, which have not lost their classic charm when combined with a beautiful garden.

Final comments.

You see, decorating the entrance of your house consists of putting details here and there that fit well with the environment and that tell a story about your preferences. Observe, ask for advice and evaluate the possibilities in the market to get what you need. Then just get creative and enjoy the results and praise from your neighbors.

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